Do You Remember Your First Wave?

Blue Gravi

….This girl does. Check it out here:
I could watch this video every day. It puts a smile on my face.

More about their company:
The Blue Gravity Surf Company was formed by two kids who live at and love the beach. They want to help beach kids from all over the world express their love of the ocean. There are some important values they all share:

1. Be kind to the environment.
Help grownups learn how to keep the earth healthy.

2. Be knowledgable about the ocean.
It’s big, it’s strong, and it deserves respect.

3. Always keep an eye on your buddy,
and also on those who are smaller and might need help.

4. Do one extra thing every day to make the world a little nicer.
Say a kind word, do a good deed, or even just give a high five to someone who doesn’t always get them.

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