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  • Nags Head Surf Report 1/24/15

    Good morning thinks megan with the surf report for Saturday . Surf is about chest high but still a mess right now . The wind is still up and it has north in it which is not great for conditions . Good bit of rain moving through as well. Hopefully as the rain clears out the wind will turn more offshore and clean up the surf sooner than later. Will update as soon as the wind switches .

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Note: For the purposes of these forecasts, OBX Surf Info uses the following measurement-to-body-height ratios: 2'=knee high | 3'=knee-waist | 4'=waist-chest | 5'=chest-head | 6'=head-overhead | 10'=overhead-double overhead

Our forecast and summary are updated to provide a general synopsis of local wave conditions "in town" and when possible detailing South of town conditions. Swell Direction and Swell Size are given for the ocean within 5 miles of Outer Banks beaches including the South facing beaches of Frisco.

Disclaimer: All forecasts are based on weather data provided from multiple sources and are subject to change... it's weather after all. Ocean conditions can vary greatly from what is reported and/or forecasted here so use your best judgment when deciding to head out for a surf, don't forget "if in doubt, don't paddle out".

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