Avon Surf Report

  • Avon Surf Report 4/25/2015

    This is Hatteras Island Boardsports with the surf report for Saturday morning.  Glassy but closed out waist high waves at the pier this morning. Light West wind at 3 mph forecast toto turn more SW as the day progresses.  Spring cleaning at HIB, handshaped/made in the U.S.A. shortboards from $295, longboards from $550. Open daily from 10:00-6:00.      

Local Forecast

Surf Avon

Finally Fall - Brett Barley from SURFING Magazine on Vimeo.

Note: For the purposes of these forecasts, OBX Surf Info uses the following measurement-to-body-height ratios: 2'=knee high | 3'=knee-waist | 4'=waist-chest | 5'=chest-head | 6'=head-overhead | 10'=overhead-double overhead

Our forecast and summary are updated to provide a general synopsis of local wave conditions "in town" and when possible detailing South of town conditions. Swell Direction and Swell Size are given for the ocean within 5 miles of Outer Banks beaches including the South facing beaches of Frisco.

Disclaimer: All forecasts are based on weather data provided from multiple sources and are subject to change... it's weather after all. Ocean conditions can vary greatly from what is reported and/or forecasted here so use your best judgment when deciding to head out for a surf, don't forget "if in doubt, don't paddle out".
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