Kitty Hawk Surf Report

Surf report 3/28/17

Last Update: March 28, 2017
Time: 7:26 am
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Morning yall! Some small but clean surf in town the am in the waist to belly high range with the plus peak ever so often. The island is seeing more swell but more wind also. Up in vb surf is small and clean and WB is showing some swell as well! Do some searching and you could score some really fun surf today!


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Surf Break

SwellNE, E & SE
WindNW, W, SW
Size4-6’ + med-large surf on the better swells, the Kitty Hawk Pier area is one of the few breaks in town that can handle the N/NE open ocean swells
TideIncoming with several breaks working thru high tide
SurfSpring & Fall show the heavier swells. Beach breaks and shifting sand bars, watch the pier fisherman – give respect or look out for a ½ oz. jig head ornament, parking can be tricky

What's Nearby?

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