FREE and OPEN Beaches on Cape Hatteras Needs Your Help NOW More Than Ever

to-the-u-s-house-and-senate-remove-the-nps-orv-rule-and-restore-free-and-open-accessIf you support FREE and OPEN beaches on Cape Hatteras, please sign the petition by clicking on the image. Lies are being told by the NPS, Audubon, Defenders of Wildlife and Sierra Club to further their agenda’s and pay their leaders and lawyers large salaries from these funds. No one is running over turtles or killing piping plovers on the Outer Banks. Piping Plovers are not even on the endangered list and the amount of protection they receive is far greater than necessary which is hurting the Hatteras and Ocracoke Island communities. Eventually, it will truly hit home with the tourists that vacation here to access our incredible recreational resource. People are not killing these animals! Don’t let private interest groups take away America’s beach and capitalize on what’s rightfully EVERY AMERICAN’s BEACH. This is “YOUR” beach. Without action, it will remain in the hands of private interest groups. The petition needs to be signed by May 31st so please sign and share this content with everyone you know. 

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BrentGrowing up as a kid in Virginia Beach, Brent has always been surrounded by water. Sailing, surfing, fishing and skateboarding were his passions and foundation that drew him near the ocean. He attended Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA and graduated with a Bachelor's in Communication Arts & Design. Having worked at several companies in Richmond as an Art Director, and living away from the ocean for about 10 years, he and his wife decided to make the move back East with their sights on the Outer Banks. With surfing being his favorite hobby, the Outer Banks was a perfect fit. In 2005, Brent headed back to a more familiar and welcoming beach community and now lives in Kill Devil Hills with his wife and 3 daughters. Brent has run a Graphic Design business (BN Design & Advertising) for over 15 years. Complimenting his Design business during the day, Brent is also a musician and plays gigs regularly on the Outer Banks and is also a board member of the Surfrider Foundation, Outer Banks Chapter.View all posts by Brent →

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