Corolla Surf Report 11/19/2013 (back in Corolla)

It is great to be back in the land of hot showers, cold milk and dependable trash pick up! Got back late last night from Nicaragua and found a strong wind blowing straight out of the north. Wave height is stomach plus but very choppy surface conditions. NOTE: WE WILL BE WIDE OPEN FOR THANKSGIVING! WE HAVE PLENTY OF BIKES, SURFBOARDS, WETSUITS, AND STAND-UP PADDLE BOARDS TO RENT. GARY, COROLLA SURF SHOP222IMG_0594Gary w Soldiers

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GaryGary Michael Smith 1st started surfing the Outer Banks in 1968 when his family made spent their Easter vacation in Southern Shores. While attending ODU Gary would make afternoon surf runs down to Ruddy Inlet in VaBe and day trips to Buxton. Devine intervention occurred when Gary’s future in-laws pioneered their way to the Corolla ‘outback’ and retired in 1975. Nothing is better than having family at the beach. The 80’s & early 90’s, corporate travel sent him out to California which meant weekends where spent surfing Ventura, Santa Barbara, County Line, Dana Point and Trestles. In 1995, Gary divorced the corporate life and decided that Corolla would be his home. In 1996, Gary, Laurie and their close friend Bill Freed founded Corolla Surf Shop and The Corolla Surf School. The rest is history with just a dash of urban legend thrown in for good measure. At nights, Gary is the drummer for Soulone.View all posts by Gary →

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