Detailed Surf Report: Buxton

Tide: Low 10:50 am/ High 5:28 am/ Low 11:56 pm

Hey guys, This is Curtis, down here in Buxton with your Friday morning surf report. The swell is around Waist high. The wind is out of  the SSW. at around 5 to 10 mph. There’s really not much out there. It is inconsistent and poor shape, but like always there is a few that make me put my board in the truck and go back for a morning session.

  1. LuskyLusky02-22-2012

    Thanks for the report Curtis! I know it was tough not paddling out soon as you saw it. You da man. I’m sure your in the tube right now!

    • CurtisCurtis02-23-2012

      Thanks, I enjoy looking at the ocean I don’t see how something that never sleep can be so beautiful. I wish I could have paddled out but I had major back surgery 18 months ago and it is back to haunt me.
      Thanks again

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