Photo Gallery: “Hurricane Matthew Swell, October 13th” – Adrian Dillenseger

With so much swell in the water and what seemed like non-stop N/NE winds, the surf finally took shape on Thursday, October 13th. Head high+ sets produced plenty of surf-able waves for everyone. Photographer Adrian Dillenseger was able to capture some of the action that went down at Kitty Hawk Pier that evening. All photos: Adrian Dillenseger


adrian-dillenseger_01 adrian-dillenseger_02 adrian-dillenseger_03 adrian-dillenseger_04 adrian-dillenseger_05 adrian-dillenseger_06 adrian-dillenseger_07 adrian-dillenseger_08 adrian-dillenseger_09 adrian-dillenseger_10 adrian-dillenseger_11 adrian-dillenseger_12 adrian-dillenseger_13 adrian-dillenseger_14 adrian-dillenseger_15

Now that Nicole has plowed over Bermuda with 125mph winds, we’ve got an interesting swell developing into Monday/Tuesday and possibly Wednesday. Our custom 5-day forecast is calling for offshore winds and plenty of ground swell. It’s too bad Matthew couldn’t play nice like Nicole. Stay tuned as we monitor this next swell event.