Photo Gallery: “Buxton Surf, January 2016” – Corey Schaible

Below are some great photos posted taken by photographer Corey Schaible. Identified surfers include: Brad Beach, Jared Jennings, John Joyce, Landon Snead and Matt Lusk.

A note about these pics from the man himself:

“This day was special back in the first week of January.  The only day all winter I swam.  I missed those big days due to having to work and thinking it was too windy when apparently Buxton was going off.  So it felt good to actually get in clean and perfect conditions.  We finished work this day early and I was in the water at 4pm which gave me about an hour plus of shooting time.  The best rehabilitation for an over worked body is a healthy swim in the ocean.  It’s always a special feeling when I get to shoot after work.  I can’t wait til I can afford to quit my job and shoot full time.” 
-Corey Schaible

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