Crystal Clear Water on The Outer Banks (June 2015)

When you think of the Outer Banks, you picture golden sand dunes and blue water with plenty of sunshine. This past week Mother Nature stepped it up a notch with some of the clearest water conditions we’ve seen in quite some time. Couple that with tons of sea life and you get one incredible experience that’s somewhat rare. Shark sightings, hundreds of thousands of rays & skates, bait balls, crabs… you name it. It was all there (which they usually are). It’s just we hardly get a chance to see it when the water isn’t as visible.

The reason for the clarity: light & variable winds with a slight on-shore flow tend to be the recipe. Usually it takes a few days of light winds (which is a rarity in itself on the Outer Banks) for conditions to get clean and green.

Below are some photos taken by Jenny Hawk – a local pilot with OBX Airplanes. Check out OBX Airplanes by clicking HERE. They offer banner towing, aerial tours, flight training and more. Also posted below is a video made in Southern Shores posted by Johnny Dilworth. Enjoy!

clear water_950

Photo: Jenny Hawk – “At Jennette’s Pier today I captured this school of bate fish. I also saw a the beautiful critter humpback whale today and we saw at least 1/2 a dozen sharks cruising up and down the coast. The water has been stunning this week.” #‎obxairplanes‬ ‪#‎abovethecoast‬ ‪#‎jennettespier‬ ‪#‎bateballs‬ ‪#‎discover