Artist Spotlight: Todd Hale

Todd Hale is a mixed media artist and photographer based in Richmond, VA and the Outer Banks of North Carolina. In the winter he operates Studio/Gallery 6 in downtown Richmond where he hosts monthly art openings featuring his work as well as guest artists and musicians. The rest of the year he resides in Nags Head, NC where he has worked as a photographer since 1996. His work is in international private and corporate collections.


At a young age Todd spend a lot of time at the Chesapeake Bay where he says “the contact of nature had a profound effect on me.”  Currently, living in two distinct places is what inspires him to create such uniquely psychedelic pieces of art, “Richmond is haunted by eccentric characters, both alive and dead. That combined with a really strong art and music scene, makes it a fertile place to be creative. The sense of the unknown that ocean represents also inspires me. I compare living by the water to living on the edge of space. The rhythm and pattern that is in a lot of my work is also related to my experiences in the ocean.”

phonetic harbinger-big yesway

Todd’s artwork has a wildness to it, with bright splashes of color to balance its slightly creepy undertone. He skillfully creates pieces that are more than they appear to be. For example, at first glance of the piece below do you see a humanoid creature, two brightly colored birds, or two faces looking at each other?


What is unique about Todd’s work (other than the fact that it’s just plain awesome) is that he combines the use of traditional materials like charcoal and paint with digital tools like the ipad, “I like the sense of discovery that is inherent in using different and unfamiliar media.”

junglelords-web kachina

Interested in purchasing or checking out more of Todd’s work? Check out his website:, follow him on instagram @flavorhead, or stop by one of his art openings.

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